“Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”

                                                                                                 Revelation 7:10


The letter of John we call Revelation has quite a few twists and turns. It keeps many people up late into the night trying to piece together a neatly created flow chart which allows those, like myself, who are not as adept at discerning prophetic nuances to clearly see what is about to happen. I am not criticizing them; I am simply making the point we need people who invest such time and energy to help us better understand the deep secrets of the final book of the Bible.


Amidst all the furor over how to interpret this fascinating book, there is, however, one thing which we sometimes overlook, and it may well be the most impressive thing we see in John’s panoply of images. Stuck neatly in the array of beasts, armies, carnage, persecution, and outright evil, God is on His throne! That’s right, while all the hell-on-earth brought about by Satan and his henchmen is being played out, our God is firmly seated on His throne.  Look for all the hidden meanings of visions you wish, but never forget to recall God is on His throne. Search in an unceasing manner for the identity of the Anti-Christ, but never forget THE CHRIST is exalted and seated beside God who occupies the throne. Use any manner of interpretation you want, just remember while you are applying your wisdom to the scriptures, God remains supreme and unmoved from His throne!


In the entirety of the New Testament the word we employ for throne, “thronos,” is used only fifteen times. Yet when we come to John’s Revelation, it pops up forty-seven times and in seventeen chapters. The Throne of Heaven is central, and always occupied by Jehovah. He reigns today, and He will reign throughout eternity. No wonder the books of Daniel and Revelation have always been the favorite books of persecuted saints. They both point to one lasting, eternal truth. Our God Wins!


I know it does not seem as if God is winning today in America. We are at a crossroad as a nation, and I fear what the future holds for this country. I think many of you share in my concerns and wonder what America will look like in the years to come. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the degrading of America means God has lost His ability to remain enthroned.  I remind you, when John witnessed heaven, times were bad for God’s people. The early Apostles had been slaughtered and ordinary Christians were being used for torches to light up Nero’s gardens. The arenas of Rome were packed to capacity as calloused crowds delighted in the spectacle of helpless Christians…men, women, and children alike…were torn to shreds by animals and slaughtered by heartless men. And yes, the church was being attacked from the inside by false teaching which was riddled with immorality and corruption. It was into this crucible of suffering and searching that Jesus made sure His faithful crew knew one thing:
God was on His throne!


In our world where a believer is martyred every five minutes,[1] many suffering believers need to be reminded God is on His throne. In our world where the Church is riddled with false teaching, beset with prideful and money-hungry leaders, the faithful need to be reminded God is on His throne. In America, where many have abandoned the faith and given heed to the seducing spirits of modernity (1 Timothy 4:1), those clinging to the Word with tenacity need to be reminded God is on His throne. And you, if you are struggling with the pressures of our day, if you are grasping for something solid in our culture of hate-speech, constant lying by media in order to propagate an agenda, you need to be reminded, God is on His throne!


The Revelation which points to so many intriguing signs and runs before our eyes a seemingly endless list of enemies of the cross, also anchors us in an undeniable truth. While evil has an apparently unchecked heyday and God’s people seem to be on the continual short end of the stick, something remains unchanged. Our God remains enthroned through it all and when all is said and done, He Wins!


[1] One Christian is martyred every five minutes, persecution watchdog reports (christiantoday.com)