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Changing the Curve

Millions of Americans have become overly familiar with the idea of “flattening the curve.”  As we have reacted to daily inundation of Covid facts, and some things which were far from factual, we have become obsessed with the squiggly line, called the curve, indicating the numbers of those infected with the virus.  We are currently engaged in ongoing efforts to…

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Losing Religious Freedom

The recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s mandate limiting church attendance to fifty people while allowing other businesses to maintain an occupancy of fifty percent slid quietly under the radar of many Christians in America.  The Supreme Court of the United States handed, in essence, a carte blanche hammer with which Governor Sisolak, and any…

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May We Be Found Faithful

If one comes from a perspective which views culture and current events through scripture, rather than the opposite approach which makes scripture pliable and meaningless as it is contorted to validate things which are in reality prohibited, it is easy to view today’s volatile events as the outgrowth of a spiritual issue. In fact, today’s headlines are peppered with images…

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