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Bishop Toby S. Morgan serves as the Administrative Bishop for the Texas Church of God.  Bishop Morgan is a graduate of Lee University and has a Masters Degree from the Church of God School of Theology.  He has served the Church of God as a local Youth Pastor, Pastor, State Youth & Discipleship Director, State Council Member and State Administrative Bishop. Bishop Morgan is married to Diane and they have two sons, Stephen (Angey) and Andrew.  They also have three grandchildren who are the light of their lives, Pierson and twins Kinley and Reese.

The most exciting, challenging and enjoyable part of Bishop Morgan’s ministry is his 25 years of pastoring.  He has been blessed to pastor some great and innovative churches such as Sherwood COG, Pathway Ministries and Sumiton COG all in Alabama. Writing is another facet of Bishop Morgan’s ministry that he finds fulfilling.  He is the author of six books (Can God Move Here, If I Could Find That Church, An Acts 2 Church in the 21st Century, God Are You Through With Me, More, and A Funeral Guidebook for Ministers) and is working on his 7th.


Youth and Discipleship Director

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Chad S. Fickett

Women's Ministries Director

Diane Morgan

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Diane Morgan is the State Women’s Discipleship Director for the Texas Church of God.  She is a graduate of The University of Alabama in Birmingham with a degree in Secondary Education and has a Masters Degree in School & Agency Counseling from the University of South Alabama.

Diane has worked as a teacher, school guidance counselor, private therapist, music pastor and administrative assistant.  Her proudest accomplishment is being a mother to her two sons, Stephen (Angey) and Andrew, and being a grandmother to Pierson and twins Kinley and Reese.

Girls Ministries Coordinator


Jennifer Fickett

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Jennifer Fickett

This information was provided by Reverend J.C. Atkins, a retired minister of the Church of God (now deceased) and highlights the history of the Texas Church of God through 1964. Brother Atkins began his ministry in 1921 and retired in 1960.

1924 Texas Church of God

Sometime in the latter part of 1916, someone threw a Church Of God “Evangel" from a passenger train in Mingus, Texas. Reverend George Asher, a holiness preacher from Lyra, Texas, picked it up. After reading it and talking with others of like faith as himself, he called for more teachings on the church. They also called for someone to organize them. Reverend George Brouayer was sent to them. After more preaching and teaching, the church was then organized. This was the first Church of God to be organized in Texas. It was organized in March 1917 in a coal mining town called Lyra between Mingus and Strawn. Later when the mines shut down, the church was moved to Strawn in the early 1920's and remained there until in the latter 1950's. The membership was then transferred to the Ranger church. Reverend H. N. Scoggins was sent to be the first pastor in the state of Texas at the Lyra church.

The second church was organized in Texas at Clark's Chapel, August 12, 1917.

Reverend Brouayer became the first state overseer of the Texas work from 1916 through 1918. Brother Scoggins served as State Overseer from 1918-1920. Brother Brouayer again served in 1921 with Brother Scoggins again from 1922 through 1924.

The state was divided into districts in 1922, beginning our district conventions. The first state convention was to have been in the fall of 1922 in Paris, Texas, but rains prevented it. The roads were impassable for the ministers in the western part of the state to make it to Paris. Half of the state had a convention in the church at Weatherford, Texas in November 1922. There were around 30 visitors present. The local church spread free lunch on the seats in the church house. There was morning, afternoon, and night services.

1924 Texas Church of God

In the following year, 1923, a full statewide convention was conducted in the Weatherford church. Again, the local church spread lunch under an oak grove down by the railroad for the visiting ministers and laity. In 1924, the convention was again at Weatherford under a tent and it was called a state assembly. Brother Scoggins was overseer of the state at this time. Reverend R.P. Johnson served the state as overseer from 1925 through 1927.

The first camp meeting was conducted under a tent in Weatherford in 1925. Reverend R.P. Johnson was overseer at this time. The open tabernacle was built in Weatherford in 1926.

Reverend E.W. Williams served the state as overseer 1928 and 1929. Reverend S.J. Wood, 1930 through 1932. Reverend J.C. Coats, 1933 through June I0, 1934 when he passed away. He had just preached a wonderful sermon in Breckenridge, Texas in the home of Brother and Sister Cregger. His funeral was preached by Brother S.J. Wood, in the tabernacle at Weatherford. He was buried at Weatherford. Brother R.P. Johnson was sent back to serve as Overseer for the remainder of 1934 and 1935.

Brother T.S. Payne became overseer in 1936 through 1937, and as the South Texas overseer in 1938, living in Houston, Texas. Brother H.N. Scoggins served again as overseer 1938 through 1940. Brother T.W. Godwin 1931-1944. Brother V.B. Rains 1945-46, Brother E.O. Kerce 1947-1950, Brother L.H. Aultman 1951-1952, Brother J.D. Bright 1953-1956.

The state was then divided and Brother C.W. Collins served the western part of the state as overseer 1957-1960, with Brother J.H. Walker serving the eastern part of the state. The state was put back under one overseer with Brother P.H. McCarn in 1961. He served through 1962. Brother Paul Stallings served the state as overseer 1963-1964. Brother C.M. Jinkerson served from 1965-1968 up to this present time.


Women's Ministries is confronting the issues that women are facing today by providing Kindle the Power resources, training, and study opportunities that focus on character and integrity in life choices, values, and unique spiritual gifts through discipleship awareness. Our goal is to develop an army of powerful, more-than-conquering, confident women.


The goal of the Youth & Discipleship Department is to provide resources for pastors, youth leaders, children’s leaders, young adult leaders, volunteer workers, or anyone interested in ministering to youth or children. Such resources can be found here or by calling our department. Other opportunities for resourcing and connecting come through our various ministries provided throughout the year for your local church’s youth and children’s ministry. Ministry events such as Code Red Lock-In, Winterfest, Kidfest, Youth Camps, Youth & Children’s Leaders Elevate Retreat, Girls Clubs, Boys Royal Rangers, Teen Talent, and Junior Talent are designed to positively impact you and your church.




FINISH COMMITMENT 100, Youth & Discipleship

  • PSALMS 144:12,15 Then our sons in their youth will be like a well-nurtured and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace...Blessed are the people whose God is the Lord.
  • VISION STATEMENT: For teens and children to radically commit their lives to Christ; to make wise choices; for older mentors; for authentic friendships with their peers who are following Jesus; for open trust and communication with parents; for God's intentions for their generation to come for in the fullest measure.
  • DISCIPLESHIP: Discipleship is an adventure, and one of the privileges of youth ministry is being able to walk with students on this amazing journey. We pray that the Texas Youth & Discipleship programs, resources, training, etc. Will help you and your Church fulfill Jesus' call to make disciples and help Christian teenagers live differently!
    The great Commission outlines how we are to do this, Matthew 28:19-20. "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Our passion for Texas Youth & Discipleship is to is to FINISH the great commission by Investing, Invading, and Increasing.
Please join me as we strive to reach the Jeremiah Generation and empower them to become Kingdom Workers now and release them to reap a harvest. We can accomplish this by these five objectives.

Please contact the Youth & Discipleship Department for more information.




The Church of God in the state of Texas has an incredible heritage of evangelism and church ministries.
Join us as we press forward to reach our families, neighborhoods, cities, districts, state, nation and the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ.


The Church of God in Texas consists of people just like you. Every person who attends a Church of God function, event or local congregation is recognized as a valuable member of the church body.

We are a part of a global movement prepared to meet the demands and challenges of ministry in the 21st century. We accept the Great Commission as our priority and it is our desire to share as effectively as possible the Good News of God's forgiveness in Christ. With more than 200 churches and over 31,000 members across 268,601 square miles of Texas landscape, our goal is to: Reach the lost; Nurture and develop the disciples of Jesus Christ; Extend caring hands of compassion to the hurting; To encourage those coping with difficult times; and To help believers lead the spirit filled life.


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